Each dollar you spend at a local independent business returns three times more money to your local economy. See how your money goes further when you BuyYukon.

Make this community your own

Small- and medium-sized businesses create community. Spending locally contributes to more vibrant neighbourhoods.

  • Local businesses sponsor sports teams and host social events
  • Community groups receive far more support from locally owned businesses than from out-of-territory businesses
  • Yukon’s unique identity is reflected in our businesses

Get personalized service

Speak to a Yukoner who cares. Browse new products as unique as you and feel confident in your purchase.

  • Get well-rounded advice with a two-way conversation
  • Save on shipping costs and time – have it in-hand today or have it ordered for you
  • In-store shopping is a 360-degree experience for all your senses

What's on offer is up to you

Local businesses are committed to Yukoners first. The more you shop, the more we grow and the better able we are to respond to your needs.

  • Local businesses improve stock and service based on your feedback
  • Local is online too! Local businesses have websites and offer shipping options, same as outside
  • Loyalty programs reward your relationship

Career futures start here

Every Yukoner started somewhere. Local businesses create jobs for Yukoners of all ages, making it possible to pursue local passions and call the Yukon home for a lifetime.

  • The retail trade has the largest number of permanent employees in the Yukon1
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups help Yukoners develop competitive skill sets
  • Job prospects keep our friends, family and neighbours in the Yukon

Join our vision for a Yukon that is unique, independent and local.

1The Local Multiplier Effect – American Independent Business Alliance

I am thankful I can share these distinctive, northern flavours. The trust and support Yukoners show my tiny, Yukon business helped me grow to sharing these flavours across North America and beyond.

– Jennifer Tyldesley, Free Pour Jenny’s